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Riding the Trishaw Around Georgetown


We escaped to George Town for the weekend to visit my sister. She now lives there and boy, do I envy her. We used to spend our school break here when we were children and loved every moment of it (and now she gets to immerse herself in the city every day!). The island is insanely gorgeous, especially for its well-preserved heritage enclave. The pre-war buildings stand proud against only a few skyscrapers; they are aging and yet full of color. Each seems to chart a different character altogether. The only way we could think of enjoying the sight of these colonial shophouses, and the occasional graffiti, was to ride the trishaw. The ride itself was magical— we felt as if we had time-travelled all the way prior to WWII and saw the ghosts of those who lived within the walls. G-Town, for a nostalgic city like you that embodies the old soul, you are way too awesome.