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Toying Around the Toy Museum

Would you just look at all these toys from the turn of the century? These were the playmates that— once upon a time—had accompanied children during tea time or while they have their forty winks at nights. Since George Town is filled to the brim with vintage knick knacks in every corner, to find Ben’s Vintage Toy Museum tucked in between the row of shophouses on the narrow Acheen Street was hardly surprising. The place houses everything old timey from toy cars to even golly wogs! I had never seen one in the flesh except for the few drawings from the pages of Enid Blyton’s books. N had a go at the pinball machine from the 1950s; the thing worked exceptionally fine despite its age. One of the rocking horses was made in the Victorian era— just imagine that! As we moved on to marvel at all the thingamajigs, we couldn’t help but to wonder why on earth would anyone thought of carving nightmares for the children to play with? Sure, most of these toys were adorable but truth be told, some took on a terrifying appearance. Check out the coin-eating hat-wearing black man and the lifelike baby doll sleeping in her cradle above. The doll even weighed just like a real cherub would. The uncanniness spooked us a little. Nonetheless, we had a great time gawking at every single toy that had been part of many children’s happiness in the last few decades (you’ve got to appreciate them; remember the Toy Story series?). It was definitely a remarkable way to learn history and that is through the eyes of the innocents and their desires.