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My name is S. I live in the fringes of KL in sun-drenched Malaysia with my better half N and our cats, Charlie and Zoë. I teach cinema studies at a local university and write screenplays for a living. Whenever time permits, I turn to Weekends Etc. to share my experiences and the things that make me feel good on weekends or any day of the week, for that matter. My weekends are spent mostly with N, embarking on adventures together, in and out of our home. We cook, camp out, hike, ride trains, swim the sea, see new or old places and watch Brat Pack films on sleepy days— you name them. Such is our life at present. So I thought I’d set up a blog, or rather a notebook, that corresponds to my love for such simple pleasures and affordable past-times. Most of what N and I do are pursuits that cost little but indeed, give us the best, comforting times of our lives. We’re up for exploring all possibilities that can make a great day or weekend. 
You can reach me here if you’d like to get in touch. We can always share stories. Now here's a toast to many wonderful adventures in the weekends (and days) to come.